So, yesterday was a terrible day in history. A 20 year old murdered his mother 7 other adults and 20 young children… 5 year olds.

The news is filled with stories of tragedy and examples of the worst behaviour of people, and I confess I usually consume this information with indifference. A tsunami kills thousands, eh, that happens. Bloody conflict around the world isn’t even interesting enough to anyone to bubble up in our media outlets.

Somehow this was very different. I’m not ashamed to say I cried, Hell I’m still crying. But beyond crying I’m trying to think about how I can change. What can I do to prevent this from happening again. This is not the beginning of a post about gun control. It’s about people control.

I suspect there will always be the occassional individual that defies all logic and prediction that does some horrible thing but I have to believe that most incidences are preceeded by something we could notice. But, even more than that, there are millions of less sensational transgressions that hurt our friends and neighbors. Each of these chips away at the foundation of our society.

I’m guilty of a behavior of indifference. It has many masks: None of my buiseness; beyond my control; that’s life; etc.. but no matter what I’ve called it, it’s indifference to the plight of others. In another case, I really did feel as though it wasn’t right to be “nosey” or to “gossip”. I still agree with this, but suggest that I could demonstrate genuine interest in peoples lives, especially my neighbors who make up the community in which I live. Maybe if I can learn to genuinely care about them and thier lives, I can positively contribute to thier lives… and they to mine…. maybe it will catch on, maybe people with care about and for each other, maybe this will help avert another tragedy or many tragedies perhaps not so newsworthy.

I hope my neighbors are patient as I learn to be a busybody. I’m sure I’ll be akward at it, since I spent my whole life avoiding it.


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