I ran across this… I think I wrote it… maybe not… I like it.

It’s far easier to earn your disdain than your affection…


For too long, we are of the mind that our love must be earned… this may be true of respect, but it is not of love.

I have missed it in the teachings. It has been there since the very beginning of my learning.

As a child is born with his mother’s love, so are we born with the love of God. And it has been His teaching that we love one another. We must embrace one another as we would our own children… with patience, compassion, and love.

A tall order, I know. One that I must write, because I have yet to demonstrate. However, this must be our goal. We must strive to love on another. If not, we are doomed to extinction.

Revenge begets revenge and hatred begets hatred. Feuds last generations beyond the reasons for them…



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