may he who is without fault cast the first stone…

Ok… so at the risk of being an absolute hypocrite I’m writing about Tiger Woods, and his current public problems.

 There are a few things about it that perplex me.

 1. I can’t believe its such a big story… if he were a preacher or politician, I kind of get it, but he’s a golpher… What is the big deal? Personally, its a big deal… but why is it getting so much public attention, why does it capture the attention of the public? I suspect that if it were Tommy Lee (or some other Rock star), it would not be a story… Johnny Damon wrote a book, where apparently he detailed his truly awful attitude and actions (unless I was duped, I did some searching and couldn’t really find enough info. to believe what I read)…

 Now, I’m not going to go buy “Idiot” to see if Johnny Damon really did write about that stuff… I don’t really care, it’s his problem. But I bring it up, because there wasn’t much uproar about that… now Johnny Damon is not the face of baseball, and clearly not the baseball equivelent of Tiger… also baseball has all kinds of other distractions (steroids), which golf doesn’t…

You’ll have to forgive me for being predjudiced, but I’ve always thought that golphers were womanizing playboys, and that only those that couldn’t handle it were outed (guys like John Daly).

 2. I like to think that I’m an empathatic person… and while I’d love to sit here and judge the man like everybody else, I simply can’t. I’m a little afraid to say then next thing,  as I’d like the world’s view of me to favorable. More importantly, I’d like my Wife’s view of me to be favorable.  However, I will never be confronted with the temptation that someone like Woods is, and to be at least a little frank, I’m glad. As much as I’d like to believe that I have the moral fiber and the character required to keep my integrity, I feel fortunate knowing that it will never be tested as much as if I were outrageously rich and famous. I don’t offer this as an excuse… It’s not my place to offer excuses, or to even suggest that there need be an excuse… it’s none of my business… but I would ask this… think about all of the things that you desire and lust for, and think about, and just imagine that they were all within reach, nearly all the time… and I know that some of those things are things you shouldn’t have, for one reason or another… how well would you do in avoiding the temptation?


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