Oh… wikipedia, how I love you….

So… here is an example of wiki wandering….

 I was doublechecking a quote from the Gettysburg address to make sure I got it right… I am writing a blog about the Constitution. In particular about the 2nd ammendment. So, I was also looking for State Constitutions, many of which predated the US Constitution, and I came across a page showing the Massachusetts Constitution.

 On the page about the Massachusetts Constitution, it says that Chapter 5, Section 1 is specifically about Harvard College. So I clicked on Harvard College. The Harvard College page says that Harvard University is a private college founded by the Massachusetts legislature… confused about how a private anything could be founded by the public government, I read on.. (I have to admit, I was secretly hoping for an angle that would guarantee acceptance to the Kennedy School of Business, and free tuition to boot).. so I read on…  It talks about the College and later the University, and John Harvard, and Fancis Eaton of the Mayflower… At this point I became bored with the founding of Harvard, and interested in the Mayflower… how many people were on it? Would I recognize the names? So I went to that page… I wasn’t on the page very long… long enough to find out that it to 66 days to cross the ocean, and that it was almost half crew members… when I noticed a notation for the dates… Old Style and New Style… I followed this to a page that explained the transition from Julian Calendar to Gregorian Calendar. The Julian calendar had too many leap years, basically… Portugal lost 10 days in October the year they converted (went from Oct 4 to 15th in one day)… I wonder if that had a big effecton payroll and taxes? Anyway, so this led to some information about non-european contries and thier use of lunisolar calendars, which led to the discovery of the Japanese use of eras… now is the era of Heisei… in Japan it is Heisei 21 now… Heisei is the name by which the current emporer of Japan will be know after he has died. For some reason, it’s not socially acceptable to call the emporer by this name while he is alive.

 So, basically, if you want to find out more about social graces required while in the presence of an emporer in Asia, just look up constitutional law, and follow where it leads…


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