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People are pretty great

So a terrible thing happened yesterday. Someone decided to hurt a lot of people with some improvised explosive devices near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I’m here to tell you, that’s not the story.

The real story is that many marathoners, still in thier space blankets, ran – not from the scene, not from the horror, not from the danger, but to Mass General Hospital to see how they could help. A friend of mine relayed this to me from a friend of his who was there.


Let’s celebrate this amazing capacity for good that exists in humanity.

The real story is all the people that ignored thier sense of self preservation and just helped one another.

I’m not suggesting we forget the evil, I’m just saying we need to celebrate the good in people and the good that people do. It’s all around us; All the time. We need to celebrate it as an example for others to live up to… If you need to be in the spotlight, do something good, and we will shine it on you. 

Let’s not become consumed with the desire to fight anything; Let’s try to become consumed with the desire to cooperate and build.


Water is impro



Thank you Pro-Brewer! I was looking for information about water filtration for my house; in part because I brew beer, but also because I brew coffee, both of which occassionally taste really bad with unfilter