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Important beer update….

Ask the blogoshpere and you shall recieve… or open your mouth and prove your ignorance… depends on how negative you want to be…

After contemplating the wants and needs of the beer world (see previous post), I realized that it was in serious want of a quality German Lager… well folks, I found it. Cricket Hill of Fairfield, NJ calls it East Coast Lager… and good news all around for me! It’s fantastic and its local. I tried the Cricket Hill American Amber (or whatever they call it) and found it to be an excellent version of the style, but not really anything to whine about outside of my local market. The lager on the other hand is a fine representation of a beautiful golden, full bodied, brewski… It was exactly what I was hoping to find. The last time I had anything like it was in the in Frankfurt, Germany on a layover on a long intercontinental trip… I remember it well… I’m thrilled to be able to support my local brewery while drinking what is now, one of my favorite beers. Nice Work, Rick Reed. (Rick’s a little crazy, but he makes a pretty good glass of suds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91DH4lNpniE )

 Oh yeah…. I also tried the Dogfishhead 60 min. IPA… it’s continuously hopped (whatever that means, but I’m sure you can read about it… the owner is quite fond of writing about his brews).  It is really very good. It’s really hard to describe IPA… it’s like someone turned up the flavor. It’s a very malty, very hoppy, very alcoholic brew… This one represents one of the best available.  A real treat. It only gets second billing in this blog because of my earth shattering discovery (aforementioned).