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i tried

Last night I set up a special email address which should allow me to post by email. This would let me send pics from phone to blog easily and remotely.

It didn’t work. I think that I need to take a look at the port setting.

I also found a theme for the zen photo gallery that Adam turned me on to and Karen likes, where there is a slideshow, but it didn’t work.

I’ve got more work to do.

No running, I got home late due to some last minute changes at work. A poor excuse but i’m sticking to it.

I will have it done by the end of the weekend or never.

Update: more of the same

So, yesterday I didn’t run at lunch- big suprise.

And I haven’t figured out the whole photoblog thing yet.

I was sidetracked by a few things at work, that ate through my lunch hour. And at home I spent my time trying to add a slideshow to my family photos site.

Let’s see what I set out to do today, but skip… lunch run is out – meeting… after work is also out – watching Catie.

 maybe I’ll try to nail the photo blog thing.

Blogging about it sure beats doing it!

So this is my new way to document the things I wish I did, before I wish I did it.

 So let’s recap…. I have my running gear today to run at lunch… we’ll see.

 I have cracked the 9min. mile barrier, and am a long way to my goal…

 The only pool time I have is a couple of hours with Catie (which is good, but not anywhere near my swimming goal).

 I still have time, just need to get the routine…

 So, here’s the new thing that I am going to try to set up…. a photo blog.

 I’m not sure what I want to do with it, but I’ve always aspired to keep a daily diary. If I can fire my camera phone at something 2 or 3 times per day, maybe the merger of gagetry and my altruistic goals will result in …. well, something.

 My hope is that my own daily records will inspire me to improve, and possibly will remind me of what I have done. Often I’m left without a sense of accomplishment in a day, though many days (at work) I am really spending a lot of time meeting, calling, emailing, writing, etc…. I must be doing something…. But, I may be wasting a lot of time – and not just time messing around on the internet – so, maybe a capture of events will help me to figure it out.